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Railroad Retirement Disability

rail road disabilityIf you’ve worked the required amount of months/years of service with the railroad, you may be eligible for disability benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board.

The Railroad Retirement Act provides disability benefits for railroad workers who became totally or occupationally disabled. A total disability benefit is based on disability from all regular work while an occupational disability is available for those unable to work at their regular occupation. The total disability benefit is possible at any age to employees with at least 120 months (10 years) of railroad service or 60 months (5 years) performed after 1995 while an occupational disability is available at age 60 if the employee has 10 years of railroad service or at any age if the employee has at least 20 years of service. A current connections with the railroad industry is also required for an occupational disability claim.

If you have recently been denied on your claim for railroad disability benefits and wish to appeal, call the law office of Michael Monce at (859)344-8090