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Childhood Disability Benefits as an Adult

Childhood disability benefits provide benefits to adults who may obtain benefits on the work record of a retired, disabled, or deceased parent. In order to receive these benefits, the individual must be an adult who had a disability that began prior to the age of 22.

For a disabled adult to receive disability benefits, one of his or her parents must be receiving Social Security retirement or disability benefits or have died and have worked long enough to qualify for Social Security. The adult does not have to have worked in order to receive benefits.

Disabled adult child benefits will continue as long as the individual remains disabled and marriage may affect eligibility for childhood disability benefits. However, some marriages, such as a marriage to another disabled adult child, may be protected.

Medical and other evidence provided to the Social Security Administration must prove that the adult child was disabled from a medically determinable impairment(s) prior to the age of 22.

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